Setting Manual

Choose one from the JIN-KEI CloudFormation List

settingmanual_01Please choose one from the JIN-KEI CloudFormation list.


Let’s start JIN-KEI CloudFormation

settingmanual_01After choosing one from the JIN-KEI Cloud Formation list, click the 【Launch with 1-Click】button.

Choose a region from the drop down menu.

※You may want to choose a region which you think the access comes from.
So if the site is for Japan, choose 【Tokyo】.


Log in to Amazon Web Services

settingmanual_01Log in to Amazon Web Services.

If you don’t have an account, please Sign up here.


Creating Stack

settingmanual_01【Stack Name】
Enter an arbitrary name.

【Provide a Template URL】
“Provide a Template URL” is already selected and the URL is entered.

Click the 【Continue】 button to continue.

Enter some information for Stack

settingmanual_01【Instance Type】
“m1.small” is already entered.

If you change the instance type, change this to the instance name.

Enter KeyName.

Enter the SSH key name for logging to EC2 instance.

After that, click the 【Continue】button.


Edit the Stack tag

settingmanual_01Click the 【Continue】button.


Run the Stack

settingmanual_01Look through it and if it is fine, click the 【Continue】button to run the Stack.


Finishing the Stack

settingmanual_01Click the 【Close】button.


See the progress of creating the Stack

settingmanual_01Selecting the Stack, you will find the progress.
Click the【Refresh】button to refresh.
When Status shows “CREATE_COMPLETE”, it is done.


Access the site

settingmanual_01Open the URL in 【Outputs】tag.

Installing WordPress

settingmanual_01You will see the install window of WordPress.

Now you have completed creating JIN-KEI CloudFormation.

If you are looking for JIN-KEI Formation, please see the list page.